Paper Delivery

There is a long-standing rift between Marxists and Capitalists.  Most acute is the din on certain campuses where academic liberty/freedom breeds a germane latitudinal orientation most potent among and between students and faculty.

In Western Massachusetts ---  in the Pioneer Valley [home to my undergraduate alma mater Mount Holyoke College][ and several other generators of intellect, thought and debate] a remnant known [in its day] as the Paper City ---  Holyoke, Massachusetts invites such a debate/discussion while it awaits to be re-born.

Holyoke is an industrial archaeologist's delight.  And time is @ a premium.

The industrial look-and-feel --- which i relish [in a strict architectural sense] reminds the casual observer of the workers who once labored and the wages earned.

 Look hard.  "Progress," "Innovation," "Technology" shall take hold and forever change Holyoke's vitality, flavor and spirit.

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