The couple [see right] walked into the train together; both looking content, pleased by the Other's company.  I was drawn to the color-contrast of His hat/headphones].  We rode the train together for nearly 20 minutes --- with her head cradled by her hand [gizmo-free] while he sat absorbed by Audio/Visual in the palm of his hand.

Brown-bagging It.

Paper Delivery

There is a long-standing rift between Marxists and Capitalists.  Most acute is the din on certain campuses where academic liberty/freedom breeds a germane latitudinal orientation most potent among and between students and faculty.

In Western Massachusetts ---  in the Pioneer Valley [home to my undergraduate alma mater Mount Holyoke College][ and several other generators of intellect, thought and debate] a remnant known [in its day] as the Paper City ---  Holyoke, Massachusetts invites such a debate/discussion while it awaits to be re-born.

Holyoke is an industrial archaeologist's delight.  And time is @ a premium.

The industrial look-and-feel --- which i relish [in a strict architectural sense] reminds the casual observer of the workers who once labored and the wages earned.

 Look hard.  "Progress," "Innovation," "Technology" shall take hold and forever change Holyoke's vitality, flavor and spirit.

Reversing Cursive Course

 there are those who worry
 we will forget how to write with a pen/pencil/crayon [choose].
 "Our future is mobile!" say the futurists; those in the now; those in the 'know'
but what is their knowing?  Cannot we handle all of it?  We'd best practice to not forget.

e-Reader Lunches

Kindle on a bed-of-lettuce with Coke.

Private: Keep Confidential

"Confidentiality is one of the core tenets of medical practice."

So asserts the University of Washington Medical School. "Yet daily, physicians face challenges to this long-standing obligation to keep all information between physician and patient private."

In my free-associative state --- when 'confidentiality' or 'confidential' is my linguistic launch pad; 'privacy' or what i hope to be 'private' is --- top of mind --- like a top-level-domain.

But my mind suffers from a kind of e-dissonance ---- locked and loaded --- Even stream-of-consciousness it turns out --- is a 21st Century art form complicated by desire, expectation, need, relevancy.

Can Kafka help me?

Stanford University asserts: "The term “privacy” is used frequently in ordinary language as well as in philosophical, political and legal discussions, yet there is no single definition or analysis or meaning of the term. The concept of privacy has broad historical roots in sociological and anthropological discussions about how extensively it is valued and preserved in various cultures. Moreover, the concept has historical origins in well known philosophical discussions, most notably Aristotle's distinction between the public sphere of political activity and the private sphere associated with family and domestic life. Yet historical use of the term is not uniform, and there remains confusion over the meaning, value and scope of the concept of privacy."

"Does anyone really expect to have privacy anymore? Seriously?" says a Blackberry-toting West Coast source.

Assume a physician takes a call on her smart-phone. Assume she is riding the train when she takes that call.

How confident can she be of her ability to uphold her patient's privacy?


auld lang audio

Should old tunes be forgot,
and never brought to ear?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old lang syne?

For auld lang syne, my ear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of audio yet,
for auld lang syne.
And surely you'll buy your ear bud!
And surely I'll buy mine!
And we'll take a cup o'Pandora yet,
for auld lang syne