Older Adopter

So much of the messaging is for the youth share.   What of the  Older set, sitting  easy;  tablet-beaming?


  1. my mother, all of 86 years old, wants so badly to be able to connect using the new technology. she would love to be able to tweet her political views and share pictures with her grandchildren. unfortunately she's going blind and all the screens we've tried haven't worked.

  2. My father who barely deals with email (out of stubbornness) has happily adopted a Nook... I for the most part find that I don't care... I like my books in paper, my cell phone is a phone, I love my land-line and I prefer silence to being musically hooked up to something... but I also don't watch TV... so I'm guessing I'm the anomaly in this day and age. That being said, I do have a Facebook account, a twitter account and own an iPod touch... So I'm not a complete Luddite...