Actions Speak Louder

While the seasonal lights of New York City
 framed a decorated tree; 

                               inside New York University's Kimmel Center,
                      Personal Democracy Media [PDM][and assorted allies].
convened an amplified stage
with Micah Sifry
its Moderator.

Up front; 
@ the Center
of the Agenda:

Clay Shirky spoke of Open Source
as a critical ingredient of the
Occupy Movements.

Mark Meckler [pictured right] invoked America's "First Families" crediting
them with standing up to a distant King
for the sake of a nascent Republic.

In the audience's lap?

poised for combustion
on their face:
Ori Brafman [pictured right] spoke of "leaderless" possibilities;
swimming in a spectrum [faith, labor, 'politics']
of those who organize by leading
and lead by organizing

But irony had its time to shine:
Zeynep Tufekci whose political roots derive from Turkey and could be mistaken for an "ivory tower-type" [despite her substantial field work] funneled some sobering reminders into the minds of those who may have been elevated by the energy of the speakers who preceded her :
Throughout history there have been "many worthy movements" but the truth is it isn't enough to be for something; one must Act
Again and again.

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