Canada Knows

The Ottawa Convention Centre was a space Verney Conference Management transformed into a tech, policy, research tryptich [of sorts].

  The geometries of Keynotes and Panel Sessions provided @ the front-end by Conference Chair Mehrdad Hariri [Canadian Science Policy Conference] [with the organizing orchestration and planning of some 40+ volunteers] featured

Men of note such as the  Hon. Gary Goodyear  [Minister of State (Science & Technology) [Canada]] 

Attending as a Canadian-American, I listened; learned --- with great care and interest --- my Homeland; Canada's seat of government --- Ottawa; is where I mingled, conversed. 

Had I stayed in Canada;
 were I not exported;
 imported to the States by way of adoption --- I would have learned French :

"Building Bridges for the Future of Science Policy in Canada"
Some have an appetite for 
scholarly treatments; philosophically-bound-perspectives :
On a K* panel, for example: 

K* is a way of talking about what we know; for sure:
 Claudia Krywiak [Ontario Centres for Excellence].

Knowledge systems;
the campus community: 
"Mobilizing knowledge for the social good."
David Phipps [York University]
Flying out, en route to New York, via Toronto
above the defensive canal systems of my hospitable host city Ottawa
i look upon, to return ;
 perhaps skate
 @ Ottawa's famed Winter festival; on the world's largest ice skating rink.

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