Stand Back

Farmer Hook's Farm; outside of Bethel, NY.

Before 9.11 [] the right_hook crew
headed to Bethel, New York and kicked back @ the Dancing Cat Saloon

 just hours before  Stevie Nicks brought us to our feet @ the center of Irene; the hurricane totaling in the billions; trillions?

                             @ the geo-tag of Woodstock; where Jimmy Hendrix got his start

Ms. Nicks is more than an electrifying rocker who has the willful capacity of reflecting; looking within --- by absorbing the outer.  Like in the cause she summoned : the Wounded Warrior Project.

Remembering; we are asked to sit with the uncomfortable truths of 9 / 11.  . . . That we are a power; militaristic, mostly.   And We are paying the price of War.

Our fathers, brothers, sons, Mothers, sisters, daughters are losing pieces of themselves while we spend; borrow; finance  for actions ending in amputations.  How moral is that?  How good?

Ms. Nicks is not one of those superstars in urgent need of an ego manicure or even --- a total immersion [humility treatment].  

Her voice --- not her instrument; but her narrative --- her waking life is dynamic enough; that listening is a pleasure.  And while I listened to her --- I thought about how I used to listen ---- on my Sony Walkman --- in College.

Stand Back.

If u c something; say something.

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