Lap Dance

on an unassuming corner of Long Island City's 
ever so gentrified sampling of Queens real estate;
there are cafes

a portion; 
certain quarters
 are reserved
  entertaining, tweeting, 
sipping a warm cup of tea for 2
even less.

Spheres for which
we name : 

we are here
the i
more and more
are we 

cradling our 
opening up
plugging in

Take Me to the River

our sky was 
an early one

where South Hadley's gates
stood apace
along the Connecticut

 Boathouse bound

Muscle Memory.
 our minds.

 again and again
we row
as One.


[Word Up: 35th Mount Holyoke Crew]

Mary Mazzio [Mount Holyoke,  Class of 1983]
50 Eggs Productions ----    " In the House."

Olympian/Film-maker Mazzio on : technology's pace; twitter; Mary Lyon; taking responsibility.

Stand Back

Farmer Hook's Farm; outside of Bethel, NY.

Before 9.11 [] the right_hook crew
headed to Bethel, New York and kicked back @ the Dancing Cat Saloon

 just hours before  Stevie Nicks brought us to our feet @ the center of Irene; the hurricane totaling in the billions; trillions?

                             @ the geo-tag of Woodstock; where Jimmy Hendrix got his start

Ms. Nicks is more than an electrifying rocker who has the willful capacity of reflecting; looking within --- by absorbing the outer.  Like in the cause she summoned : the Wounded Warrior Project.

Remembering; we are asked to sit with the uncomfortable truths of 9 / 11.  . . . That we are a power; militaristic, mostly.   And We are paying the price of War.

Our fathers, brothers, sons, Mothers, sisters, daughters are losing pieces of themselves while we spend; borrow; finance  for actions ending in amputations.  How moral is that?  How good?

Ms. Nicks is not one of those superstars in urgent need of an ego manicure or even --- a total immersion [humility treatment].  

Her voice --- not her instrument; but her narrative --- her waking life is dynamic enough; that listening is a pleasure.  And while I listened to her --- I thought about how I used to listen ---- on my Sony Walkman --- in College.

Stand Back.

If u c something; say something.

Holding Pattern

i remember learning :
Life Isn't All Fun and Games.

there; where everything is illuminated ---
have u an Open mind, r u centered?


Orwellian Reality or Fantasy?

          No doubt; the World Wide Web has
                 uprooted us   ---- exposed us;
       altered our sense of public / private; and
                        what lies between.

Categorically, one can find oneself a bit confused, if, say George Orwell's 'futuristic' work 1984 is pondered from the vantage of Literature.

  Is it Science Fiction, History or Non-Fiction?
Or, is it a hybrid [not dependent on fracking or foreign oil]???

Return to your cubicle and assess for yourself [see Critical Thinking]:

Pen Intended

On the one hand; it's refreshing to see such enthusiasm for homework; for scholarship before school begins --- the serious student; showing off her will to buckle down and study.  Yes; we need so many more of her kind.

But is she who she appears to be?  

Look @ the third image [as you scroll down]..
Can you read the handwriting?
  . . . The possibility her teacher [s] require her to show her work [by writing in her notebook] seems to co-exist with a smart-phone emanating knowledge's light.

Do not parents need an app to be sentinels?  Otherwise, how do we know she really did the work she claims to show?