Ready 2 Read

My love for words; for language; for reading, was Kindle[d] long before I became a regular on the New York City subway system. 
Artist : Joseph Paul Fox

 Pop-Up books is how I how I got my start.  . . . Where turning the page is an ever-ready adventure --- where interactivity and geometries of meaning do not require batteries or electricity.    Absorbed was I in my pop-up world.
Polarity epitomized; 2 women read utilizing a book [see left] and an e-reader [right][type/ brand; unknown].

In Our time, one central, critical question which shimmers in the the toolbox /tool-set of many an educator  is : What absorbs us?

I have long maintained an aesthetic appreciation for muscle.  Men / Women : If you've got it; I want to see it.  Luck found me recently on Metro-North while en route to Dutchess County.  What was he reading?  Muscle and Fitness.

I know there are reading snobs out there saying [to themselves]: Muscle and Fitness?  Not very high-intellect.  At least he reads.

Our ability; our willingness to read is "Everything" says New York City educator Monica Gimigliano.  "It builds bridges to other things; other pursuits."  Gimigliano is a 15 year classroom veteran.  In order to get to her Queens classroom; she must utilize bridges --- those connecting Westchester to New York City. . . . an expensive proposition.

Which begs the question: How are educational priorities / necessities reconciled with our ceaseless tendency to run from the difficult budget choices @ the core of our children's futures?  "We've gone from blackboards to whiteboards," says Gimigliano.

"Who is going to pay for them?" 

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