Here's 2 U Lou Dimaggio

Lou Garavante began his sports-writing career when Joe Dimaggio was slugging it out for the New York Yankees.  While Garavante ever so surely got his sports journalism legs;  Dimaggio was confidently building his baseball cache.  Dimaggio is considered to be one of the greatest athletes to have entered the diamond and played the game of professional baseball.

Garavante switched to radio; ultimately,  finding it to be "the most satisfying work" of his professional life.    Recently, I  took advantage of our  lifelong lakeside friendship by throwing out a few questions directly over his home plate @ his lakeside retreat @ Long Lake.

What  compelled me to inquire about Garavante's  Radio  / Typewriter days?  Have a look / listen :

[NOTE: Radio; typewriters  are antecedents to Twitter.  All / Each have limitations but comprise a delicious teaching tool for 21st Century pedagogy.  Imagine being able to listen, then communicate about weighty matters with 'headlines' [tweets] reminiscent of Garavante's radio days.]

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