Ready 2 Read

My love for words; for language; for reading, was Kindle[d] long before I became a regular on the New York City subway system. 
Artist : Joseph Paul Fox

 Pop-Up books is how I how I got my start.  . . . Where turning the page is an ever-ready adventure --- where interactivity and geometries of meaning do not require batteries or electricity.    Absorbed was I in my pop-up world.
Polarity epitomized; 2 women read utilizing a book [see left] and an e-reader [right][type/ brand; unknown].

In Our time, one central, critical question which shimmers in the the toolbox /tool-set of many an educator  is : What absorbs us?

I have long maintained an aesthetic appreciation for muscle.  Men / Women : If you've got it; I want to see it.  Luck found me recently on Metro-North while en route to Dutchess County.  What was he reading?  Muscle and Fitness.

I know there are reading snobs out there saying [to themselves]: Muscle and Fitness?  Not very high-intellect.  At least he reads.

Our ability; our willingness to read is "Everything" says New York City educator Monica Gimigliano.  "It builds bridges to other things; other pursuits."  Gimigliano is a 15 year classroom veteran.  In order to get to her Queens classroom; she must utilize bridges --- those connecting Westchester to New York City. . . . an expensive proposition.

Which begs the question: How are educational priorities / necessities reconciled with our ceaseless tendency to run from the difficult budget choices @ the core of our children's futures?  "We've gone from blackboards to whiteboards," says Gimigliano.

"Who is going to pay for them?" 

Rowing by the Sun's Shadow

Therefore we thank Thee for our little light, that is 
dappled with shadow.
And when we have built an altar to the Invisible
Light, we may set thereon the little lights for which our bodily vision is made.
And we thank Thee that darkness reminds us of light.
[T.S Eliot]

Often, rowing blind -- I close my eyes
and pretend
or even; Ray Charles.
Direction becomes secondary --- Seeing becomes movement.
Hook / Hand; fastened.
How am I to know my ETA [estimated time of arrival]
when my left hand doesn't know
my right_hook's potential?
Opening my eyes
I am there.

Here's 2 U Lou Dimaggio

Lou Garavante began his sports-writing career when Joe Dimaggio was slugging it out for the New York Yankees.  While Garavante ever so surely got his sports journalism legs;  Dimaggio was confidently building his baseball cache.  Dimaggio is considered to be one of the greatest athletes to have entered the diamond and played the game of professional baseball.

Garavante switched to radio; ultimately,  finding it to be "the most satisfying work" of his professional life.    Recently, I  took advantage of our  lifelong lakeside friendship by throwing out a few questions directly over his home plate @ his lakeside retreat @ Long Lake.

What  compelled me to inquire about Garavante's  Radio  / Typewriter days?  Have a look / listen :

[NOTE: Radio; typewriters  are antecedents to Twitter.  All / Each have limitations but comprise a delicious teaching tool for 21st Century pedagogy.  Imagine being able to listen, then communicate about weighty matters with 'headlines' [tweets] reminiscent of Garavante's radio days.]

Seated Sound Objection

Sharing air space comes with numerous challenges.  But in this case, the striped boy  'programs'
the audio experience  by a simple turn of the head.  On that solid seated line; a music library is @ his fingertips.