Palfrey's Provenance

The podium John Palfrey was introduced from but did not rely upon; veering instead toward a center-stage stance augmented by a hand-operated gizmo enabling a fluid audio/visual presentation while leaving listeners hungry for more Digital nuggets.
The NYPL  was my main research refuge / resource during my Queens childhood.
Palfrey's provenance [if Wikipedia is any sort of gauge] be-speaks of a time; a day and place ---- where history's gaze requires of us --- an about-face.  His great grandfather {Theodore Roosevelt} roamed the reaches and heights of manhood, politics and society by word and deed.  He served as Police Commissioner of        New York City, as Governor of New York and
as President
of the United States [1901  - 1909] [not an exhaustive itemization of his Public Service].

In 1956 The Theodore Roosevelt Association published The Free Citizen [a summons to service of the democratic ideal] [edited by Hermann Hagedorn].  It has long occupied a treasured parameter within my library with its slim yet fat - in - wisdom dimensions of text / political cartoons.  Most prescient; in the realm of Weiner-isms [does not sexting count for adulterous meanderings?]:

"There can be no greater offense against the government than a breach of trust on the part of a public official, or the dishonest management of his office and, of course, every effort must be exerted to bring such offenders to punishment by the utmost rigor of the law."

John Palfrey's genetic derivation bolsters those of us in the Internet Hope Party [Present Campaign Finance Laws defy 'traditionalists'] .

Putting all of the pieces together; while simultaneously dissecting the essence of Digital Life [especially with great care toward his specialty --- Digital Natives] Palfrey gestures right; center; left emphasizing :

The Tactile Pleasure [of books].

"Serendipity of the stacks."

Library 2.0

Creating Contemplative Spaces.
Resisting Mythologies.

1st Blackberry - toting
President [Obama].

Information Overload.

Internet Safety!

Parental Involvement.

Consumers as Creators.
"Let's meet students where they are."
Sound Check : Palfrey is worth a Listen [check out his B side].
Drilling Down :

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