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Ethan Zuckerman is an UberNerd.

Today's techno nomenclature would render Zuckerman's Media Matrix;
his data points;
dots [much like the candy] on the Berkman  [x,y,z]
 somewhere @
4 + 3.

. . . Without the mustache and fully-sculpted backdrop of Follies.

                                                     He is:                                                          
And a Man in obvious need
 of a pony tail.

 "Citizen Media" is his "thing."  And he's moving on [self-announced during "Cultivating New Voices" Berkman : July 11]  to what he described as a "little technical college" down the road [MIT] from his 7 + / annum Berkman affiliation @ Harvard. 

Clouds reflected; through iron bars.

Zuckerman's efforts in the eco - sphere of Citizen Media and quantitative social stratii are; erstwhile intensely relevant to my own nascent augmentative immersions.

My head is in the Cloud.

 How could it not be?  Like Zuckerman, I pursue Citizen Media and I seek out Global Voices.

7 Drivers : building, designing, planning, thinking, collaborating, questioning, exploring

7 Tweets [winners will be notified via voice / bar code]

Re-Programming :
 IRT [immersive real-time-streaming]
in 21 urban centers

                                                    We may be inclined to turn our backs
                                             from the black / white / white / black / black /
                                                      but Rules govern; if enforced.

Since Our behavior tends toward the self-absorbed
--- doesn't it?
There are :

the cripples.

For which, we must keep an informed and compassionate account

Anarchists represent an unknown % 
of total Internet users / developers. 
 The Berkman Center for Internet and Society @ Harvard is not particularly suitED for them --- since Freedom isn't Free.

 . . . Neither; are lawyers. 

Opposite Boston Children's Museum, Casner and Edwards occupies a piece of 303 Congress Street.    Working @ the firm  gave me a skill-set that goes beyond easily maintaining  an appreciation for lawyers .
  WGBH was my professional pivot - point post Casner and Edwards; where I came face : face with the optical illusions of Truth PBS - style.  Milk anyone?
Fatima Tlisova spoke of the global reality of "torture," "kidnapping" and  "murder."
 A trinity [ Incomplete / Missing  in the realm of  Circassian Media ] .

Dele Olojede

                                                                                    A Steep 
                                                                      and constant invitation 
                                                                                     to step
                                                                               from the well
                                                                               of our fervor

                                                                           Stand and account. 

                                                                       Quantification --- 
                                                                                               We do need
                                                                           to make sense                 
                                                                                                 of the data

                                                                             --- and face each other ---

                                                                                 Get Up.  Stand Up.

                                                                              for the right to know.
     [for help:

An Arlington, Ma home painted in wrap-a-round "Cloud."

Oh say, some Clouds to see. [Harvard Yard, Cambridge, Ma.]

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