Intuitive [Post-Depression Era]

Rebecca L. Berg's contribution to the narrative truth[s] of the Depression Era Generation reflects more than an iPad illumined --- held within a pinky's reach --- where the bifocal-ed receive the glare of its intuitive limelight.

Tablet adoption --- A marketer's maze; Steve Jobs' obsession; Google's delusion?

One thing is clear :  a tablet would surely have made Moses' task list; his patriarchal purview; his must-have management skill-set easier.  Perhaps with an iPad he would have been able to follow directions and; thus,  have reached the Promised Land.

The pair pictured above?
Sisters; yes.  That is the black and white of the matter.

Demographic : Depression Era; yes.

Computer acumen,
of equal measure?


Millie; the older of the two sits to the left of her baby sister --- gesturing; her unconscious dis-engagement advertised by her head's tilt --- An on-looker connected more by blood than curiosity --- even though she was once on the Union Carbide  payroll.

Millie signed a confidentiality agreement when Union Carbide began claiming her.


Today, she demurs when asked direct questions about Union Carbide's first mainframes.

"The computers needed huge, special rooms," Millie reports.  "But that is all I'll say."

But I have so many questions.
I have so much to learn.

Is a computer like a patient without a job?

Drilling Down :

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