Classified Duo

 Within the realm of dual-enhanced data-seekers --- one electronic; the Other folded

 She slips away --- pockets the bells and whistles while he --- erect --- beams hope

 Does she dis-engage completely --- with a single glance --- brushing strands of DNA

     An opening of lips; gets her attention : What do you think?  Can I do this?

 His doubt; concern --- is met by her hand placed @ the edge of his manhood --- a     handful of potential --- weighted by the Classified Listings / Help Wanted.

 A woman cannot expect a man trained in the Art of Discernment to receive her   



 That is why he must sculpt the printed word; a pinch of optimism : is that a job @  
                                              center of the quadratic fold?

                                                 Is there an App for them?

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