chit-chat ?

Suzanne Vega is a blast from my undergraduate past.   @ Mount Holyoke, she was that perfect tincture :
 7 Sisters [Barnard];
 on-the-rise Musician;
 New Yorker.

 In that order.

She mattered.

What we become; how we emerge from our life's shadow; our Solitude Standing where
 with a click:
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right hook.

Where is the Who in the Truth we claim to lay bare?

@ the end of the day we align; a meshwork of  collected memory --- all formats welcome under Creative Commons standard codes of listening; looking; locating intent.

This is what I would give
were I to benefit
from traversing

the data both Supreme and yet to be.

So let's sit awhile Suzanne.
and chit-chat.

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