chit-chat ?

Suzanne Vega is a blast from my undergraduate past.   @ Mount Holyoke, she was that perfect tincture :
 7 Sisters [Barnard];
 on-the-rise Musician;
 New Yorker.

 In that order.

She mattered.

What we become; how we emerge from our life's shadow; our Solitude Standing where
 with a click:
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right hook.

Where is the Who in the Truth we claim to lay bare?

@ the end of the day we align; a meshwork of  collected memory --- all formats welcome under Creative Commons standard codes of listening; looking; locating intent.

This is what I would give
were I to benefit
from traversing

the data both Supreme and yet to be.

So let's sit awhile Suzanne.
and chit-chat.

Naturalized Citizen @ Cultivating Voices

Ethan Zuckerman is an UberNerd.

Today's techno nomenclature would render Zuckerman's Media Matrix;
his data points;
dots [much like the candy] on the Berkman  [x,y,z]
 somewhere @
4 + 3.

. . . Without the mustache and fully-sculpted backdrop of Follies.

                                                     He is:                                                          
And a Man in obvious need
 of a pony tail.

 "Citizen Media" is his "thing."  And he's moving on [self-announced during "Cultivating New Voices" Berkman : July 11]  to what he described as a "little technical college" down the road [MIT] from his 7 + / annum Berkman affiliation @ Harvard. 

Clouds reflected; through iron bars.

Zuckerman's efforts in the eco - sphere of Citizen Media and quantitative social stratii are; erstwhile intensely relevant to my own nascent augmentative immersions.

My head is in the Cloud.

 How could it not be?  Like Zuckerman, I pursue Citizen Media and I seek out Global Voices.

7 Drivers : building, designing, planning, thinking, collaborating, questioning, exploring

7 Tweets [winners will be notified via voice / bar code]

Re-Programming :
 IRT [immersive real-time-streaming]
in 21 urban centers

                                                    We may be inclined to turn our backs
                                             from the black / white / white / black / black /
                                                      but Rules govern; if enforced.

Since Our behavior tends toward the self-absorbed
--- doesn't it?
There are :

the cripples.

For which, we must keep an informed and compassionate account

Anarchists represent an unknown % 
of total Internet users / developers. 
 The Berkman Center for Internet and Society @ Harvard is not particularly suitED for them --- since Freedom isn't Free.

 . . . Neither; are lawyers. 

Opposite Boston Children's Museum, Casner and Edwards occupies a piece of 303 Congress Street.    Working @ the firm  gave me a skill-set that goes beyond easily maintaining  an appreciation for lawyers .
  WGBH was my professional pivot - point post Casner and Edwards; where I came face : face with the optical illusions of Truth PBS - style.  Milk anyone?
Fatima Tlisova spoke of the global reality of "torture," "kidnapping" and  "murder."
 A trinity [ Incomplete / Missing  in the realm of  Circassian Media ] .

Dele Olojede

                                                                                    A Steep 
                                                                      and constant invitation 
                                                                                     to step
                                                                               from the well
                                                                               of our fervor

                                                                           Stand and account. 

                                                                       Quantification --- 
                                                                                               We do need
                                                                           to make sense                 
                                                                                                 of the data

                                                                             --- and face each other ---

                                                                                 Get Up.  Stand Up.

                                                                              for the right to know.
     [for help:

An Arlington, Ma home painted in wrap-a-round "Cloud."

Oh say, some Clouds to see. [Harvard Yard, Cambridge, Ma.]

Aquatic Adventure

"As Seen  on TV"

Who knew it would ever be possible;
for me to let my guard down?
"As Seen on TV" had been fool's gold.
Aqua Globes are not
for absolution 
neither; have I a sense of GPS --- 
the factory of glass blowers --- Made in China --- imprecisely known.
Bought : @ Amazon

Intuitive [Post-Depression Era]

Rebecca L. Berg's contribution to the narrative truth[s] of the Depression Era Generation reflects more than an iPad illumined --- held within a pinky's reach --- where the bifocal-ed receive the glare of its intuitive limelight.

Tablet adoption --- A marketer's maze; Steve Jobs' obsession; Google's delusion?

One thing is clear :  a tablet would surely have made Moses' task list; his patriarchal purview; his must-have management skill-set easier.  Perhaps with an iPad he would have been able to follow directions and; thus,  have reached the Promised Land.

The pair pictured above?
Sisters; yes.  That is the black and white of the matter.

Demographic : Depression Era; yes.

Computer acumen,
of equal measure?


Millie; the older of the two sits to the left of her baby sister --- gesturing; her unconscious dis-engagement advertised by her head's tilt --- An on-looker connected more by blood than curiosity --- even though she was once on the Union Carbide  payroll.

Millie signed a confidentiality agreement when Union Carbide began claiming her.


Today, she demurs when asked direct questions about Union Carbide's first mainframes.

"The computers needed huge, special rooms," Millie reports.  "But that is all I'll say."

But I have so many questions.
I have so much to learn.

Is a computer like a patient without a job?

Drilling Down :

Classified Duo

 Within the realm of dual-enhanced data-seekers --- one electronic; the Other folded

 She slips away --- pockets the bells and whistles while he --- erect --- beams hope

 Does she dis-engage completely --- with a single glance --- brushing strands of DNA

     An opening of lips; gets her attention : What do you think?  Can I do this?

 His doubt; concern --- is met by her hand placed @ the edge of his manhood --- a     handful of potential --- weighted by the Classified Listings / Help Wanted.

 A woman cannot expect a man trained in the Art of Discernment to receive her   



 That is why he must sculpt the printed word; a pinch of optimism : is that a job @  
                                              center of the quadratic fold?

                                                 Is there an App for them?

Fast Forward

Palfrey's Provenance

The podium John Palfrey was introduced from but did not rely upon; veering instead toward a center-stage stance augmented by a hand-operated gizmo enabling a fluid audio/visual presentation while leaving listeners hungry for more Digital nuggets.
The NYPL  was my main research refuge / resource during my Queens childhood.
Palfrey's provenance [if Wikipedia is any sort of gauge] be-speaks of a time; a day and place ---- where history's gaze requires of us --- an about-face.  His great grandfather {Theodore Roosevelt} roamed the reaches and heights of manhood, politics and society by word and deed.  He served as Police Commissioner of        New York City, as Governor of New York and
as President
of the United States [1901  - 1909] [not an exhaustive itemization of his Public Service].

In 1956 The Theodore Roosevelt Association published The Free Citizen [a summons to service of the democratic ideal] [edited by Hermann Hagedorn].  It has long occupied a treasured parameter within my library with its slim yet fat - in - wisdom dimensions of text / political cartoons.  Most prescient; in the realm of Weiner-isms [does not sexting count for adulterous meanderings?]:

"There can be no greater offense against the government than a breach of trust on the part of a public official, or the dishonest management of his office and, of course, every effort must be exerted to bring such offenders to punishment by the utmost rigor of the law."

John Palfrey's genetic derivation bolsters those of us in the Internet Hope Party [Present Campaign Finance Laws defy 'traditionalists'] .

Putting all of the pieces together; while simultaneously dissecting the essence of Digital Life [especially with great care toward his specialty --- Digital Natives] Palfrey gestures right; center; left emphasizing :

The Tactile Pleasure [of books].

"Serendipity of the stacks."

Library 2.0

Creating Contemplative Spaces.
Resisting Mythologies.

1st Blackberry - toting
President [Obama].

Information Overload.

Internet Safety!

Parental Involvement.

Consumers as Creators.
"Let's meet students where they are."
Sound Check : Palfrey is worth a Listen [check out his B side].
Drilling Down :