R the Robots here?

A critical component of my understanding / comprehension of 'The World to Be' happened in 1999.  @ MIT's bookstore, I purchased Hans Moravec's Robot : Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind.  If you hold the opinion you are too advanced [in your thinking] to spend ' intellectual 'energy [self - assessed [and therefore] inflated as it may be] to put your nose in Moravec's book for any extended period of time [hours; days; weeks] you have become like the addict --- dependent on realities more unreal than the Virtual [presently bought, sold, traded @ Game Spot].                                                                 Beginning @ the Beginning [Escape Velocity] Moravec writes : "Call the new arrangement Mind.  Unlike Life alone, which learns from its past, but is blind to its future, Mind can choose among alternatives to imperfectly select its own destiny."     Drilling Down : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdMWhA6qBw0  

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