The New Fold

Back in the "print" days [though pictured here in the 21st Century mid - way between Brooklyn and Manhattan] it was all about the fold. . . . A quadrant-approach to 'news' and celebrities was a must for the media consumer; a must-have for tree-dependent addicts of breaking 'facts' and emerging lifestyle choices.
EnterEnter  : Multi-marketed / Multi-format e-readers; tablets and every conceivable cousin.  Apple tries to out-maneuver  --- leveraging itself against its history.  Amazon has its head in the Cloud[s] straining for e-commerce 'dominance.'  Barnes and Noble knows it must prepare for and execute a 'balancing act' where their book crowd won't feel *too* slighted by their Nook 'hook.' Question :
If these media options transformed into a deck of cards; would it ever come time for you to fold?

Drilling Down :
Kenny Rogers "The Gambler"

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