Giffords' Endeavors

Representative Giffords' husband is on the NASA payroll; and while her physicians still construe her to be a rehabilitation remnant [in part; of their making] that she was able to witness [to be 'present'] @ her husband's space - departure [yesterday] was foretold by him when she was first introduced to the specialists committed to 'repairing' her mind / body / soul in the wake of the deranged darkness
                                                     of     democracy's    mutinous cancer.                                                            Representative Giffords' husband promised that his wife would exceed all expectations of 'traditional medicine' and that he expected his future as an astronaut would not be a solo pursuit but would be supplemented and nourished by the unflinching presence of his wife.
In March of this year; I sojourned to Cambridge, Ma for a presentation @ Berkman [Harvard Law School].  My accommodations were minimally modest but one backyard view [see above] made me think of the infinite imaginings of children [some of whom; dare to think of Buzz Lightyear as more than just an animation emanation] and the righteous fortitude and inspiring example of Representative Giffords and her husband [who is more than just a Captain ---- he's a : Rocket Man]

Drilling Down :

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