Buddy can u spare an ear?

One hazard of 21st Century listening has been a kind of detachment; a concentrated result of "choice"

By more than a thread he takes in all that reaches his open mind; filtered by the readiness of his masculinity ---- Latino boy; sits; listens for :


Demographic says : buys / will buy : porn; gaming accoutrements. 

We're all working our angles;

S/he works the room while he gets stuck --- someone thinks :

Keep the door open; be it public or private ---

tethered; as we have been to our gadgets, devices ---- fuel for our mechanized bodies --- standing erect : Super Premium ? Regular ? Unleaded ? Diesel Dyke ?

Time for a circuit breaker ?  Or are they announcing a train de-railment which matters not if you can still hear the rhythms you loaded before you boarded.

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