Buddy can u spare an ear?

One hazard of 21st Century listening has been a kind of detachment; a concentrated result of "choice"

By more than a thread he takes in all that reaches his open mind; filtered by the readiness of his masculinity ---- Latino boy; sits; listens for :


Demographic says : buys / will buy : porn; gaming accoutrements. 

We're all working our angles;

S/he works the room while he gets stuck --- someone thinks :

Keep the door open; be it public or private ---

tethered; as we have been to our gadgets, devices ---- fuel for our mechanized bodies --- standing erect : Super Premium ? Regular ? Unleaded ? Diesel Dyke ?

Time for a circuit breaker ?  Or are they announcing a train de-railment which matters not if you can still hear the rhythms you loaded before you boarded.

Giffords' Endeavors

Representative Giffords' husband is on the NASA payroll; and while her physicians still construe her to be a rehabilitation remnant [in part; of their making] that she was able to witness [to be 'present'] @ her husband's space - departure [yesterday] was foretold by him when she was first introduced to the specialists committed to 'repairing' her mind / body / soul in the wake of the deranged darkness
                                                     of     democracy's    mutinous cancer.                                                            Representative Giffords' husband promised that his wife would exceed all expectations of 'traditional medicine' and that he expected his future as an astronaut would not be a solo pursuit but would be supplemented and nourished by the unflinching presence of his wife.
In March of this year; I sojourned to Cambridge, Ma for a presentation @ Berkman [Harvard Law School].  My accommodations were minimally modest but one backyard view [see above] made me think of the infinite imaginings of children [some of whom; dare to think of Buzz Lightyear as more than just an animation emanation] and the righteous fortitude and inspiring example of Representative Giffords and her husband [who is more than just a Captain ---- he's a : Rocket Man]

Drilling Down : http://giffords.house.gov/

Rooftop Riff - Raff

@ a tough spot; a Clinton Hill / Fort Greene entrepreneur once reminded me [when the trees in Brooklyn were beginning to bloom] to "Look up."  So; ever since, I do so; periodically.  It isn't always about beautiful New York City architecture [as illustrated by the above Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn example].           Sometimes, it is a simple matter of "Communication."     Or, our Attempt; Our Effort @ "Communication."        QUESTION : What do We plan on saying when We stand before Our Maker?                               And I don't mean Steve Jobs.

R the Robots here?

A critical component of my understanding / comprehension of 'The World to Be' happened in 1999.  @ MIT's bookstore, I purchased Hans Moravec's Robot : Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind.  If you hold the opinion you are too advanced [in your thinking] to spend ' intellectual 'energy [self - assessed [and therefore] inflated as it may be] to put your nose in Moravec's book for any extended period of time [hours; days; weeks] you have become like the addict --- dependent on realities more unreal than the Virtual [presently bought, sold, traded @ Game Spot].                                                                 Beginning @ the Beginning [Escape Velocity] Moravec writes : "Call the new arrangement Mind.  Unlike Life alone, which learns from its past, but is blind to its future, Mind can choose among alternatives to imperfectly select its own destiny."     Drilling Down : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdMWhA6qBw0  

The New Fold

Back in the "print" days [though pictured here in the 21st Century mid - way between Brooklyn and Manhattan] it was all about the fold. . . . A quadrant-approach to 'news' and celebrities was a must for the media consumer; a must-have for tree-dependent addicts of breaking 'facts' and emerging lifestyle choices.
EnterEnter  : Multi-marketed / Multi-format e-readers; tablets and every conceivable cousin.  Apple tries to out-maneuver  --- leveraging itself against its history.  Amazon has its head in the Cloud[s] straining for e-commerce 'dominance.'  Barnes and Noble knows it must prepare for and execute a 'balancing act' where their book crowd won't feel *too* slighted by their Nook 'hook.' Question :
If these media options transformed into a deck of cards; would it ever come time for you to fold?

Drilling Down :
Kenny Rogers "The Gambler"