7.0 [Bachelet ]

[ http://www.unwomen.org/2010/09/un-women-staff-welcomes-michelle-bachelet/]

Michelle Bachelet
assumed the risk
prominence and power;
when she entered
SIPA's 15th Floor 
where the chatter
the vibe
flowed like
Chilean wine.

the crowd ; the press
was hyper-global
South America
was in the house.

 Bachelet's primary constituency ?

An over-flow collection [next time : a live-stream projection to accompany the audio feed.  please.].
laptops lay low
floor to ceiling
@ SIPA [http://www.columbia.edu/about_columbia/map/international_affairs.html]

Of extraordinary accomplishment : President of Chile. Surgeon. Minister of Defense.  Mother.   Hers is a trajectory of extreme  accomplishment.

Bachelet asserts a commitment ; a special interest where rural-specific tautologies are @ stake.  So do I.

UNWOMEN depends on 3 things : Bachelet's 1. leadership. 2.  imagination 3. determination.
Bachelet is a "Renaissance woman" says Edie Samuels [Vassar '53] with  a real-time mandate to engage ---  21st Century Realities.   

Holding up half of the sky; we must be still ---  and achieve a sense of understanding; there is work to be done  ---- within ourselves --- that is --- to acknowledge "that sexism dos not discriminate on the basis of gender; that we, as women; as men --- hold the power of emancipation's elixir  in our hands." " Poverty is unnatural and equal rights [opportunities] for girls and women is a matter of the here and now; of our elevated sense of uncompromising justice."
Moderator Elisabeth Lindenmayer  [ http://www.sipa.columbia.edu/academics/directory/el2253-fac.html] listens to  Bachelet.   Lindenmayer's cohesively probing pivot-points of inquiry anchored Bachelet --- while she addressed the global rights and freedoms of women today ; and before them, our mothers; daughters, sisters.

Question :

How tech-enabled; how mobile; how socially-networked will UN WOMEN be?

Bienvenida! to UN WOMEN Under Secretary-General Bachelet!
Enjoy the Big Apple.
Take a bite.
In you I have faith.

Drilling Down :


  1. http://www.chipsites.com/chile-news/michelle-bachelet.html

  2. http://www.unifem.org/gender_issues/millennium_development_goals/