Passenger's Presumption

notice : unauthorized presence

Due to unauthorized presence restrictions apply and WD40  is considered as remedy to rusted security breach.

Learning Curve

Acoustical Variables


@ the perimeter of the United Nations; on Manhattan's East Side, inside 777 UN plaza ---- i sat ---- poised with pen and a reporter's notebook.  The initial days of the  55th UN Commission on the Status of Women had gotten my attention [ ].

The speakers and apparatus such a gathering inspires and requires  --- sojourners and delegates from Africa, Latin America, Eurasia, Brooklyn ---  fill rooms and hallways; standing-room-only is not fashionable; it is a pre-requisite
of  awareness,
where protocol's transference
becomes actionable
if one wishes to be comfortable as the listening begins.

Elevator shafts rise and fall.  Mine, carried two, very dark Nigerians.  Laughing melodiously; one, attentively, admiringly, lovingly over each bit and byte of conversation  ---  I think of a physician who once had a hand in my healing. A Nigerian too.

Peering over one of their shoulders I see bold, black letters:  Human-Traffiking: Our daughters.  Our girls. Our womenfolk.  What's your price?  How much are you prepared to pay?

Let's do a drop. Virgin Mobile --- place the pow, pop,  of their voices; from the most distant domesticates to the corridors of fairly elected governments.  Plenty to chat about here :

Listen.  Can you hear? 

Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology's Deanna Kosaraju
spoke of her father

bottom line :
@ employers who paid her father handsomely
 even though
he wore a pocket protector
women were nearly invisible.

When will my 21st Century imagination find itself among frequencies of a global readiness to drop the pretense of change.   Nairobi, Bangalore, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Rome, Moscow, Brussels, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Santiago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia, Cape Town, Holyoke, Poughkeepsie?  I shall continue to add GPS Coordinates to my wish list for a new reality.  

Drilling Down :

Augmentation [Hendrix-Revurb]

I was just a toddler when Mr. Hendrix was making his electrified mark on music [he handled his instrument [guitar] unlike any other].  But when I stepped off the N train in Soho [NYC] a Purple Haze overcame me; especially when I tuned into the iPod augmentation on this musician's forearm [see above] [click for enhanced view].  If you believe in time machines, click here:

Gameboy : No Batteries Required

While no batteries are required, two hands are strongly recommended.  Put another way : The Rubik's Cube is not a hands-free device. []

Amphibious Social Network

Sun-Block suggested; appropriate attire recommended.

economized [size : Green]

there are tipping points
of course
sometimes @ our Savior's

gathering closer.

drink from my vineyard
draw upon my meta-data
my accumulation of worth

where ecoimagination
and $$$ double-up and make a point of keepin' it real.

safe harbor
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  dreams yet to be.