Facing History_Facing Our [Facebook] Selves

Who amongst us has not reversed herself٭
eliminating a Facebook friend — in effect; revoking a “friend request” etherizing a “friend,” “follower” — by way of an electronic dismissal; a pre-meditated action completely linked
to our wish for separation?
By a mere click, we are able to delete our
our once upon a time “friendships”
our Social Network[s]
audio-video 3D
An ever so slight motion of the wrist renders us free
@ liberty to wander
having reduced our opportunity for interactive schemas
Organic to their core
be they:
“Remove From Friends” our screens brightly beam back; interfaces intact — optical option ——social illusion—
@ some embarrassment to ourselves; our hurt, immaturity, anger, irritation overwhelms us
our very 'community'
becomes suspect
in their complicity
held in their hands.
21st Century Duplicity —
our God-Granted benefit
tool of our millennially-minded world — Internet Society members quake.
Yes, we sometimes have cause to sever a “friendship”
no longer useful, mutually desirable, comfortable, educational, compulsory, agreeable or convenient.
Indeed, S/he who is innocent of this digital bit of whimsy; this deliberate decadence of the 21st century —
Into the ether we sometimes go; diluted — On either side of our egos, prejudices, passions, delusions, assumptions, hopes — this way or that; we reverse ourselves, we withdraw from the Social Network. We decide to cut the tie. Or try.
Yet, while our bodies may not occupy the same space; the wizards and gnomes; eunuchs and saviors of our augmented selves, assure us we are bound; still, by those “friends in common.”
Who are we? Facebook demands that we answer this question — though we are @ liberty to comport fiction —
So too — Linkedin
One may ask:
Who are our accomplices?
For indeed, the company we keep gets us to where we want to go — the concert stage, the boardroom, the house in the excellent school district, serene nights by the crackling hearth; belly full, mortgage paid; grandchildren; bragging rights on the links [be they those conforming to PGA/LPGA standards or those owing to the vigilance of
the World Wide Web Consortium [ http://www.w3.org/]
or its arch ‘rival’ the Internet Society [http://www.isoc.org/pubpolpillar/]
@ max
140 characters
Emily Dickinson scores the final imprint; the final remnant of our socially-networked lives:
“My friends are my Estate.”
Followers/Friends [May Be Hazardous to one's health]
DRILLING DOWN [Giving Further Consideration]:

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  1. James F. [Jim] Moore was one of my earliest thought leaders/educators/mentors back in my Cambridge, MA days [when i was a 'green' tech journalist].

    Especially significant was his book: "The Death of Competition." [it is an excellent resource for students of 21st century business ecosystems]

    Today, he blogs of course. This piece is a handy supplement for those yearning to make sense of Facebook: