Audio Pink [star-studded]

It is not the case that those who shop @ Victoria's Secret color-coordinate their audio accessories with their retail bling [see shopping bag]. Except the young woman seated [above]. [NOTE: after I expressed how much I liked her head-gear; she smiled.]

Drilling Down:

Caffeine Sync

A Brooklyn-bound passenger demonstrates what it means to be ambidextrous in the 21st Century; with a Starbucks assist.

Next stop: Data with a touch-screen lean.

Keyboard Clutched, Will Commute 4 $$$

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York is the largest public transportation agency in the Western Hemisphere and among the largest in the world. Each day, approximately 8.5 million people rely on the agency's 5,000-square mile network of subways, buses, railroads, paratransit vehicles, bridges and tunnels spanning 14 counties in two states. MTA New York City Transit carries 7.5 million people per day on its network of subways and buses.
[source: MTA Press Office
(212) 878-7440]

The commuter pictured is one of those 7.5 million people. He is not a robot. He is a B/Q guy

Window Shopping [Re-Boot ::$>:: 2D]

Nearly as big as buildings [as illustrated above: Red Hook, Brooklyn] 2D Retail shopping is the new 'new.' For a more comprehensive understanding, I recommend [E-Commerce Times' linking policy forbids wholesale content placement; but allows for article titles to appear in blogs like the one you are presently reading] [hint: a search engine will help you locate the complete article]:

Bridging the Online-Offline Shopping Divide With 2D Tags

Bridging the Online-Offline Shopping Divide With 2D Tags

Facing History_Facing Our [Facebook] Selves

Who amongst us has not reversed herself٭
eliminating a Facebook friend — in effect; revoking a “friend request” etherizing a “friend,” “follower” — by way of an electronic dismissal; a pre-meditated action completely linked
to our wish for separation?
By a mere click, we are able to delete our
our once upon a time “friendships”
our Social Network[s]
audio-video 3D
An ever so slight motion of the wrist renders us free
@ liberty to wander
having reduced our opportunity for interactive schemas
Organic to their core
be they:
“Remove From Friends” our screens brightly beam back; interfaces intact — optical option ——social illusion—
@ some embarrassment to ourselves; our hurt, immaturity, anger, irritation overwhelms us
our very 'community'
becomes suspect
in their complicity
held in their hands.
21st Century Duplicity —
our God-Granted benefit
tool of our millennially-minded world — Internet Society members quake.
Yes, we sometimes have cause to sever a “friendship”
no longer useful, mutually desirable, comfortable, educational, compulsory, agreeable or convenient.
Indeed, S/he who is innocent of this digital bit of whimsy; this deliberate decadence of the 21st century —
Into the ether we sometimes go; diluted — On either side of our egos, prejudices, passions, delusions, assumptions, hopes — this way or that; we reverse ourselves, we withdraw from the Social Network. We decide to cut the tie. Or try.
Yet, while our bodies may not occupy the same space; the wizards and gnomes; eunuchs and saviors of our augmented selves, assure us we are bound; still, by those “friends in common.”
Who are we? Facebook demands that we answer this question — though we are @ liberty to comport fiction —
So too — Linkedin
One may ask:
Who are our accomplices?
For indeed, the company we keep gets us to where we want to go — the concert stage, the boardroom, the house in the excellent school district, serene nights by the crackling hearth; belly full, mortgage paid; grandchildren; bragging rights on the links [be they those conforming to PGA/LPGA standards or those owing to the vigilance of
the World Wide Web Consortium []
or its arch ‘rival’ the Internet Society []
@ max
140 characters
Emily Dickinson scores the final imprint; the final remnant of our socially-networked lives:
“My friends are my Estate.”
Followers/Friends [May Be Hazardous to one's health]
DRILLING DOWN [Giving Further Consideration]: