Foursquare [] and 7-Sisters ago [Mount Holyoke, Smith, Bryn Mawr, Barnard, Wellesley, Vassar, Radcliffe]; our foremother Mary Lyon, brought forth on this great continent a College conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that women ought not be denied an education equal to that of men.

right_hook will collaboratively present; an augmented mobile, animated, 3DHD, real-time, STEAM-powered game featuring 7-sister alumnae and first-year 7-Sister students.

Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Flickr and Linkedin will be its core social-network infrastructure[s].

Showcasing digitally-minded personalities, thinkers, movers and shakers in every field/profession [some drawn from the global pool of 7-Sister alumnae]; techSocial players will utilize social networking to demonstrate their professional insight/knowledge; ‘wagering’ 18.37 [currency dependent on location][see founding of Mount Holyoke College] per comment thread.

techSocial will feature Tri-angulated perspectives on our digital lifestyles, choices, options, evolution and potential with the famous, not-as-famous, prominent and critical actors, performers, musicians, artists, thinkers, entrepreneurs, historians, scientists, researchers, visionaries, politicians, educators of the 21st century [Guests will be drawn from both the professional/thematic reserve of 7-Sister alumnae and from 21 urban centers].

First-year students [and 11/12th grade girls] will qualify for a range of prizes/points by asking follow-up questions in real-time [limited to 7 questions] [15 seconds per question]. Comments of an ‘original’ and succinct tilt [see Twitter] will also be rewarded.

techSocial is a digital/interactive spawn of

STEAM = science, technology, engineering, architecture and mathematics.

NOTE: Retail/Product/Service/Brand partnerships for techSocial’s globally-linked real-time/mobile audience are encouraged and welcome.

18.37 % of net revenues will be directed to STEAM-related initiatives @ Mount Holyoke College for the purpose of increasing female representation in computer science [encompassing the domains of commerce, education, performance, philosophy, augmented realities [see virtual worlds].

Contact: right_hook @ (347) 669-1837 [standard messaging rates may or may not apply]