Audio Pink [star-studded]

It is not the case that those who shop @ Victoria's Secret color-coordinate their audio accessories with their retail bling [see shopping bag]. Except the young woman seated [above]. [NOTE: after I expressed how much I liked her head-gear; she smiled.]

Drilling Down:

Caffeine Sync

A Brooklyn-bound passenger demonstrates what it means to be ambidextrous in the 21st Century; with a Starbucks assist.

Next stop: Data with a touch-screen lean.

Keyboard Clutched, Will Commute 4 $$$

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York is the largest public transportation agency in the Western Hemisphere and among the largest in the world. Each day, approximately 8.5 million people rely on the agency's 5,000-square mile network of subways, buses, railroads, paratransit vehicles, bridges and tunnels spanning 14 counties in two states. MTA New York City Transit carries 7.5 million people per day on its network of subways and buses.
[source: MTA Press Office
(212) 878-7440]

The commuter pictured is one of those 7.5 million people. He is not a robot. He is a B/Q guy

Window Shopping [Re-Boot ::$>:: 2D]

Nearly as big as buildings [as illustrated above: Red Hook, Brooklyn] 2D Retail shopping is the new 'new.' For a more comprehensive understanding, I recommend [E-Commerce Times' linking policy forbids wholesale content placement; but allows for article titles to appear in blogs like the one you are presently reading] [hint: a search engine will help you locate the complete article]:

Bridging the Online-Offline Shopping Divide With 2D Tags

Bridging the Online-Offline Shopping Divide With 2D Tags

Facing History_Facing Our [Facebook] Selves

Who amongst us has not reversed herself٭
eliminating a Facebook friend — in effect; revoking a “friend request” etherizing a “friend,” “follower” — by way of an electronic dismissal; a pre-meditated action completely linked
to our wish for separation?
By a mere click, we are able to delete our
our once upon a time “friendships”
our Social Network[s]
audio-video 3D
An ever so slight motion of the wrist renders us free
@ liberty to wander
having reduced our opportunity for interactive schemas
Organic to their core
be they:
“Remove From Friends” our screens brightly beam back; interfaces intact — optical option ——social illusion—
@ some embarrassment to ourselves; our hurt, immaturity, anger, irritation overwhelms us
our very 'community'
becomes suspect
in their complicity
held in their hands.
21st Century Duplicity —
our God-Granted benefit
tool of our millennially-minded world — Internet Society members quake.
Yes, we sometimes have cause to sever a “friendship”
no longer useful, mutually desirable, comfortable, educational, compulsory, agreeable or convenient.
Indeed, S/he who is innocent of this digital bit of whimsy; this deliberate decadence of the 21st century —
Into the ether we sometimes go; diluted — On either side of our egos, prejudices, passions, delusions, assumptions, hopes — this way or that; we reverse ourselves, we withdraw from the Social Network. We decide to cut the tie. Or try.
Yet, while our bodies may not occupy the same space; the wizards and gnomes; eunuchs and saviors of our augmented selves, assure us we are bound; still, by those “friends in common.”
Who are we? Facebook demands that we answer this question — though we are @ liberty to comport fiction —
So too — Linkedin
One may ask:
Who are our accomplices?
For indeed, the company we keep gets us to where we want to go — the concert stage, the boardroom, the house in the excellent school district, serene nights by the crackling hearth; belly full, mortgage paid; grandchildren; bragging rights on the links [be they those conforming to PGA/LPGA standards or those owing to the vigilance of
the World Wide Web Consortium []
or its arch ‘rival’ the Internet Society []
@ max
140 characters
Emily Dickinson scores the final imprint; the final remnant of our socially-networked lives:
“My friends are my Estate.”
Followers/Friends [May Be Hazardous to one's health]
DRILLING DOWN [Giving Further Consideration]:

Foursquare [] and 7-Sisters ago [Mount Holyoke, Smith, Bryn Mawr, Barnard, Wellesley, Vassar, Radcliffe]; our foremother Mary Lyon, brought forth on this great continent a College conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that women ought not be denied an education equal to that of men.

right_hook will collaboratively present; an augmented mobile, animated, 3DHD, real-time, STEAM-powered game featuring 7-sister alumnae and first-year 7-Sister students.

Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Flickr and Linkedin will be its core social-network infrastructure[s].

Showcasing digitally-minded personalities, thinkers, movers and shakers in every field/profession [some drawn from the global pool of 7-Sister alumnae]; techSocial players will utilize social networking to demonstrate their professional insight/knowledge; ‘wagering’ 18.37 [currency dependent on location][see founding of Mount Holyoke College] per comment thread.

techSocial will feature Tri-angulated perspectives on our digital lifestyles, choices, options, evolution and potential with the famous, not-as-famous, prominent and critical actors, performers, musicians, artists, thinkers, entrepreneurs, historians, scientists, researchers, visionaries, politicians, educators of the 21st century [Guests will be drawn from both the professional/thematic reserve of 7-Sister alumnae and from 21 urban centers].

First-year students [and 11/12th grade girls] will qualify for a range of prizes/points by asking follow-up questions in real-time [limited to 7 questions] [15 seconds per question]. Comments of an ‘original’ and succinct tilt [see Twitter] will also be rewarded.

techSocial is a digital/interactive spawn of

STEAM = science, technology, engineering, architecture and mathematics.

NOTE: Retail/Product/Service/Brand partnerships for techSocial’s globally-linked real-time/mobile audience are encouraged and welcome.

18.37 % of net revenues will be directed to STEAM-related initiatives @ Mount Holyoke College for the purpose of increasing female representation in computer science [encompassing the domains of commerce, education, performance, philosophy, augmented realities [see virtual worlds].

Contact: right_hook @ (347) 669-1837 [standard messaging rates may or may not apply]

iPad posture

@ Cayman's Pad
in Amagansett;
his finger poised
above the World Wide pulse
interfaces are encountered
from a sea-side perch. Are we faithful to his tablet generation; his mobile imagination?

Starling has its sights set on September. Cayman's classroom; his return to school, a social scene of seekers; this we know: his play-time will be re-defined.

Digital Natives will teach us. Are we willing to learn, adapt? Will we guide Cayman's hand in the deep seas of e-knowledge, where content doesn't yet know how to swim?


7th grade brought with it a challenge: Select a speech; memorize it; present it in real-time, Saint Mary’s stage, auditorium full, spotlight on — a cadre of classmates, self-selected by ability and ambition sitting politely silent while I summoned Abraham Lincoln’s words, his defiant strength, his last hurrah.,+freeing+the+slaves+of+the+United+States,++Daniel,+Sr++++%29%29

The Emancipation Proclamation massaged by my inexperience and ignorance of the past [a historian’s obsession] generated a document-specific transformative circumstance whereby my historical countenance and consciousness blossomed as if Emily Dickinson had done the planting []

Lincoln lulled me into a just and fervent patriotism; whereby my life’s emergence from 7th grade onward was shaped by this universally applicable Republican:

We need another e_mancipation.

Let’s dig in; let’s reach into ourselves; let’s begin thinking about the Other; let’s get in the habit of being considerate [again]. Let’s resume the posture; not of Pontius Pilate or of the Roman Army, authorized to terrorize. Rather, let us endeavor to strike a pose, with our movements synchronized toward confessing to our confessor this non-negotiable: To withdraw so completely as to be absent; our Blackberry, iPhone, Droid or Palm Pre our chief distraction is to admit to our slavery, our defeated selves — flush with the world’s wealth @ our fingertips, while embracing blind revelations downloaded @ speeds we cannot comprehend alone.

During our occupation of climate-controlled dwellings; where we arrive with vehicles emitting consequences we count by carbon increments, crazily dependent — let’s get distracted by the length of time required to look our neighbor, our colleagues in the eye and plunge into her/his reservoir of ‘knowing.’

There is a seat @ the table; the empty chair ought not be our empty concern but our strident daring to know the Other.

“On the far side of the subjective, on this side of the objective, on the narrow ridge, where I and Thou meet, there is the realm of ‘between.’ [Martin Buber, Between Man and Man]

Beyond Petroleum

Brooklyn’s sky
upon its peripatetic
clusters of children
spheres of passage;
through digital domains,
hard-wired, hard-pressed.

I must tell my story.
I must teach my truth.

Rabbi, fear not, I do not presume to be you.

Forgive me Jesus; I suffer not, as you did.

Let us pray:

Buoyant upon the sins
Of we the unthinking,
No back-up plan
Petrol pumped
Reaping deep profits

Listen up: [if I may say it as a Queens-girl;
Shea, in the distance]
are not infinite.

Sally sells sea shells
By the sea-shore.

Who will pay?

Are you breathing?

Beyond petroleum?


It’s time to burp.

Our infinite hope, refuge and strength
We know the sea’s tide;
that its polarity
a sponge.

The shit has really hit the fan.

Print that: New York Times

Ask any fisherman:

Which is it?
Shrimp cocktail?
Today’s traffic report?

Mom, are we there yet?

Not quite honey, not quite.

©2010 right_hook/gadget girl

Coney Island : Not Just for Mermaids

In the grip of a Brooklyn dude; who sees things in black and white; his gadget glides toward Coney Island; keeping time [see left wrist] as if Michael Jackson could still thrill us in real-time.

Suitable for a King

[dedicated to everyone who believes in the dream]

@ first you were
a veiled widow;
Black upon Black
when first
my child’s eyes
noticed you

Then, as I became
a woman
I saw some of me
in you — each inheritors
of his Kingdom.

What in God’s name
Was your husband thinking?
Talking theology
Amongst sons of liberty
And daughters of revolution
while Cambridge
politely breathed
its sighs
you weren’t dumping tea
in Boston harbor

Did they ever imagine
You’d walk
upon the Charles?

I wish I had a river
That I could row away on
Now that CNN
Interrupts my REM

Is a double-bill
A new kind of currency

In God We Trust
emblazoned with the Caribbean sun
the poorest nation
in the Americas
Cracked into pieces
like a bowl of nigger toes

Turn it over.
will Geithner
A percentage point,
an up tick
his John Hancock
begins flying off the presses?

Bring on the Red Stripe
let’s Skip along
like a white girl
in Birmingham
or Biloxi
or Charlestown

But be careful
Not to whistle
That sort of air play
will cost you
Gone for good

Those digits
Add up
In the rubble.

We must begin
our sojourn
your legacy suggests;
Leaning on
Without Borders

grieving Park Slope pseudo-moms
push strollers,
past Brooklyn
Worry —
families pressed
beneath chunks
of concrete
slabs of metal
shards of glass
While we pay cash [health care not included]
So as not to leave a trail

If the IRS ever decides
to sniff around
(pulls a Zoe Baird)
We’re prepared
To re-assign those

Search & Rescue
Port Au Prince.

Dog-day afternoon

Post 9-11
We go on the hunt
Strange fruit

Saddam swings
of Baghdad?
with Obama

We are now
Afghanistan’s hope
The Russians
must think
a fertile valley
of poppies
Nancy Reagan’s
“Just Say No.”

Where is Billie?
On Holiday?

Can she see Alaska
from the all-inclusive
in the Dominican Republic

Such a beauty
Yet so heavy
in her silence.

Have we forgotten Humpty Dumpty?
Read it to me again Daddy
Before you’re re-deployed

So long I have loved your voice:

May his
be for blessing

May honor
seize him
by any means necessary.


© 2010 Julie Holley