Goodbye Maria: A Facebook Fissure

I let Maria go with a mere mouse-click. She was a shameless self-promoter who often wrote her Facebook status updates in Spanish; a language I can neither read, write or decode via my God-given sound processors (unless, of course, I hired Maria to translate her Spanish into English — which happens to be her core professional competency). Around the moment of her “departure” from my group of 98 Facebook friends, the media spotlight was fixated upon Twitter — journalists held the micro-blogging social utility aloft as a news item; Oprah, it was reported, sent out a Tweet (a 140-character-or-less communication at the core of Twitter’s operational framework). What can be said about Maria in such an abbreviation-mandated milieu? — Goodbye.

© 2009 Julie Holley


  1. Julie, I suspect there's more to this story than meets the eye. Abby